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Well I think everyone from Temecula knows that Temecula traffic is terrible. My parents moved to Temecula back in 1985 when Temecula had about 4,000 residents. Traffic in Temecula was non-existent. But as the city grew, traffic in Temecula became worse and worse. It first started out being bad on the local streets. Now the 15 freeway in Temecula has become a nightmare as well.

What doesn't help the problem is all the distracted drivers. The 15 freeway is notorious for having stop and go traffic. Sometimes it extends past Temecula into Murrieta before there is any relief. Unfortunately, some drivers are traveling to close to the vehicle in front of them and end up rear-ending the car, since they couldn't stop in time. This just makes a bad traffic situation in Temecula even worse.

Temecula has plenty of streets that meander throughout the city, with many traffic lights controlling the intersection. When these lights go from green to red with distracted drivers, accidents happen. From Temecula Parkway to Winchester Road, accidents are occurring all over the city.

Temecula is also a host of many tourist, unfamiliar with the roads. Between the wineries, Pechanga and Old Town Temecula, there are plenty of "out-of-town" drivers causing car accidents. Being in a car accident is a pain. Not only are you injured, you need to get your car repaired, get a rental and make it to your doctor appointments. Let personal injury lawyer Kris Crawford help you get thought it.