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If you are a Corona resident, then you know that Corona is the commuter capital of the world. Corona is the intersection of many cities. The 91/15 interchange and freeways are constantly bumper to bumper. That stop-in-go freeway traffic in Corona is a major cause of car accidents. As you probably are aware, many Corona commuters try to avoid that freeway traffic and flow onto the streets of Corona, causing more traffic there too.

Throughout the streets of Corona, there are traffic light controlling the intersections. When a distracted driver doesn't realize that a light when from green to red, they usually end up on somebody else's bumper. I'm sure many Corona residents have witnessed drivers talking on their cell phones and texting while driving through Corona, 

Corona experiences are pretty dry climate, only raining occasionally. However, when it rains, accidents happen. Some Corona drivers are not used to driving in the rain and they don't lower their speed. When someone stops in front of them, the slick roads make it impossible to stop in time and then boom, another accident in Corona.

After an accidents, many people are burdened with months of doctor visits, rental cars, auto body shops and the pain associated with their auto accident injuries. Make sure you call me, attorney Kris Crawford to help you through it.