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Beaumont is a city that has plenty of commuters pass through. Between the busy 10 freeway and highway 79, drivers are constantly in heavy traffic situations. Many drivers in Beaumont (like everywhere else) are on their cell phones. Distracted driving in Beaumont is a leading cause of car accidents.

Many times, distracted drivers in Beaumont will not be paying attention when traffic slowed down or stopped in front of them, causing a rear end accident. This happens a lot in stop-and-go traffic on the 10 freeway in Beaumont as well as a traffic lights.

Beaumont has a fairly dry climate throughout the year. But when it rains in Beaumont, it can pour accidents. Many drivers in Beaumont are involved in accidents in the rain due to slick roads and poor visibility. Be careful when you drive and leave enough distance between you and the vehicle in front of you to be able to safely stop without causing a rear end accident. 

If you are injured in an auto accident, call an attorney for advice. A Lawyer can let you know if you have a case and get you the compensation you deserve. Call personal injury Crawford today!