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Our personal injury office is a short drive from Lake Elsinore

and we know many medical providers in or around Lake Elsinore

that are willing to provide medical treatment on a lien.


Meaning, they don't expect to get paid until you get paid


If you have a personal injury case, you can get the:

chiropractic care, imaging, orthopedic care, pain management etc.

without any upfront fees 


Our personal injury law office provides personal injury legal services

for the residents of Lake Elsinore that are injured in car accidents

If you had a car accident or other personal injury claim,

please contact a lawyer now for a completely


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Lake Elsinore is a growing city surrounded by other growing cites. This has meant that traffic in and around Lake Elsinore has gotten worse. The 15 freeway used to be an open, easy commute. Now, getting through Lake Elsinore is taking much longer as you navigate through stop-and-go traffic. Cars are also slowing down on the freeway to exit onto busy streets like Railroad Canyon. 

Many residents of Lake Elsinore commute to other cities for work. In addition, Lake Elsinore gets traffic from outside cities who travel the Lake Elsinore roads to get to their jobs. The 15 freeway and the Ortega highway are major routes for those drivers. When you add distracted driving into the mix, these Lake Elsinore roads can become quite dangerous. Many accidents in Lake Elsinore are rear end collisions caused by distracted driving. 

For the most part, Lake Elsinore doesn't get much rain. But, when it rains, it causes much difficulties throughout Lake Elsinore. Drivers need to slow down on the slick roads, so they don't cause an accident and injure themselves and others. Lake Elsinore has many low lying areas prone to flooding too. Please be careful in the rain when driving through Lake Elsinore.

If you were involved in a car accident, call an accident attorney who can help. Personal injury attorney Crawford will help you through the process after an accident in Lake Elsinore. Call attorney Crawford today if you were injured in an auto accident.

A Personal Injury Lawyer can help you get your life back on track. Let an Accident Lawyer be your voice. You can focus on getting the medical treatment you need, while a Personal Injury Attorney does the work for you. We are a local Accident Law Firm near Lake Elsinore.